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DouDou Vegetarian Basics Co Ltd

Vegetarian Burdock Strips (Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian) 旺根素牛蒡羹 (蛋奶素)

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The Vegetarian Burdock Strips are mainly made of Soy and Wheat proteins mixed with shredded Burdocks into strips. These strips are perfect for soup, hotpot, stew, braise, barbecue, etc.

Ingredients: Soy protein, wheat protein, soybean oil, STARCH SODIUM OCTENYL SUCCINATE, Albumin Powder, soy sauce, sugar, salt, flavour enhancers (MONOSODIUM L-GLUTAMATE, DL- Alanine, Sodium 5’–Inosinate, Sodium 5’–Guanylate), white pepper, spices, yeast extract

Allergen Warning: Contains Soy Wheat, Dairy, Egg