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DouDou Vegetarian Basics Co Ltd

Vege Thai-Style Soy Chunks [大政]素泰式酸辣雞 (蛋素)

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Ingredients:  Textured soy fiber, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, lemon juice, chili, soy protein powder, pepper, soy sauce, savory, vegetarian chicken spice, potato starch, wheat protein, vegan chicken spice, savory, sorbitol , lemon spice, thickening powder

Product of Origin: Taiwan

Allergen Warning: Contains Soy, Wheat, Egg

Cooking Instruction: Reheat before consuming. Would suggest to stir-fry your favourite vegetables or king oyster mushrooms, and a bit of water to simmer for a few minutes before serving. You can also use it as the main course for Buddha Bowl.