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DouDou Vegetarian Basics Co Ltd

Vegan Short Ribs 全素香椿素排骨

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The Vegan Short Ribs are mainly made of Shiitake Mushrooms and Chestnuts (to mimick the "bones" in the ribs). These Vegan Short Ribs are marinated in Chinese Toon Sprout (often use to replace garlic and onions). It's very easy to cook, the longer you cook, the softer it gets! It's perfect for Soup, Stew with Tofu, and my favourite, Sweet and Sour dishes! The Vegan Short Ribs may look ugly and less appealing, but super delicious! Give it a chance to wow your taste buds!

Ingredients: Shiitake Mushroom Head, Chinese Toon Sprout, Chinese Water Chestnut, Sweet Potato Starch, Cornstarch, sugar, salt, sesame oil, Spices

Allergen Warning: Contains Soy, Wheat, Sesame


味鍵的香椿素排骨主要是用香菇頭和荸薺模仿”骨頭“的部分。口感因採用香菇頭而有嚼勁和滿滿的香椿味。煮越久越軟越入味!非常適合煮湯 (尤其是蘿蔔湯) ,滷,火鍋,和小編個人的最愛 - 糖醋素排骨!!


成份:香菇頭, 香椿, 荸薺, 地瓜粉, 太白粉, 糖, 鹽, 芝麻香油, 調味料 (L-麩酸鈉, 肉桂, 甘草粉, 三奈, 丁香, 胡椒粉, 小桂子, 五香粉)