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Vegan Seasoned Hericium Soup [素之龍]麻油猴菇 (全素)

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Ingredients: Hericium erinaceus, soybean protein isolate (non-GMO), tapioca starch, yeast powder, wolfberry, red dates, water, salt, sugar, ginger, sesame oil

Product of Origin: Taiwan

Weight: 800g

Allergen Warning: Contains Soy, Wheat, Sesame products

Cooking Instruction:

1. Pour the soup base into the pot after defrosting and add about 5-7 bowls of water (rice bowl) and bring them to boil before consuming. You can also adjust the amount of water added to the soup base according to your personal preference. 

2. You can also add Chinese Cabbage, Corn, Enoki Mushrooms, etc. to the soup base.







1. 本產品解凍後,將內容物拆封後倒入鍋中,酌量加入水,煮沸即可使用(可依個人口味酌量增減)。

2. 依個人喜好可加高麗菜、玉米、金針菇等喜愛之鮮蔬,風味更佳。