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DouDou Vegetarian Basics Co Ltd

Vegan Sashimi Salmon [九鼎素崋]素鮭魚生魚片

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~NO Added Preservatives! NO Fish Purees! NO Animal Products - Purely VEGAN!!~

Ingredients: Water, hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate, trehalose, D-sorbitol,
konjac, carrageenan, locust bean gum, salt, 5″-disodium hypoxanthine phosphate, sodium L-glutarate and other titanium dioxide

Product of Origin: Taiwan

Weight: 230g

Cooking Instruction: Please remember to defrost first before slicing/cutting them! After defrost, you can serve as appetizer/cold platter, sashimi with sauce (wasabi & soy sauce) and side of pickled gingers, Sushi, or diced them and serve as "Vegan Poke Bowl"!!

Storage: Must keep in freezer. If refrigerate, please consume within 2 days to ensure freshness.  


~無防腐劑!無魚漿!無動物性膠體 - 完全純素!!~

成份: 水、羥丙基磷酸二澱粉、海藻糖、D-山梨醇、蒟蒻、鹿角菜膠、刺槐豆膠、食鹽、5″-次黃嘌呤核苷磷酸二鈉、L-麩酸鈉等二氧化鈦。



烹飪方式:免加熱、(冷藏) 解凍後切片直接沾哇沙比、醬油或醋薑,亦可做成冷盤、握壽司、POKE BOWL等...