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DouDou Vegetarian Basics Co Ltd

Soy Chick'n Strips (Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian) 原味G丁 (蛋奶素)

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The Soy Chick'n Strips are made of Soy Protein which gives that chewy texture. The Strips are manually strip from the batter, so they are uneven. The Soy Chick'n Strips are perfect for stir-fry (with vegetables / tofus), stew, fried rice, barbecue, braise, noodles, etc.

Ingredients: Soy Protein, Wheat Protein, Whey Protein, Albumen Powder, Distarch Phosphate, Soybean Oil, Sugar, Salt, Vegetarian Seasonings 

Allergen Warning: Contain Soy, Wheat, Dairy, Egg