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Seitan - Wheat Gluten Roll (Vegan) 麵腸 (全素)

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Seitan is one of the common ingredients for Vegetarians/Vegans (unless you are allergic to gluten). You can make it with pretty much anything such as sweet & sour dish, barbecue, braise/stew, etc. Some Vegans even use them to mimic steak!

As there is NO added preservatives and bleach, we would recommend to store them in freezer to keep them fresh.

Ingredients: Flour, Water

Allergen Warning: Contains Wheat


如沒對小麥過敏的話,麵腸是素食者常用的食材之一。麵腸搭配的調理方式變化多,更可以增添菜餚的口感以及豐富性。最常見的料理就是酸菜/薑絲炒麵腸,炒糖醋,宮寶,煮大補湯 (記得先炸過) ,燒烤等... 、我們這款麵腸是無添加任何防腐劑及無漂白,會建議放冷凍保鮮!