Newly Added Pickup Location - WATERLOO

Great News! DouDou Vegetarian has added another pickup location....Waterloo (Zehrs parking lot @ Conestoga Mall) !!! Hence, for y'all KW residents, when you place order, don't forget to select the correct pick-up location. We will be reaching out to you via email/phone/SMS within 24 hours upon receiving your order to confirm pickup date and time.

There will be a pickup order fee for single order less than $7, but if your purchase is $70 or more, the fee will be waived. Please note that this special offer does not apply for home deliveries. For home deliveries, additional fees will be charged. Please contact us directly for a quote. Thanks for your understanding


好消息好消息,豆豆素食又新增了ㄧ個新的取貨地點...在滑鐵盧 (Zehrs @ Conestoga Mall) 喔!! KW的朋友們下定別忘了選擇正確的取貨地點喔! 一但訂單成立,我們會在24小時內與您聯絡與確認取貨日期與時間。訂單送出前,請記得提供您的聯繫方式 (列如手機)。



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